Digital Operations Platform

Customer experience starts with your employees, empower them with the tools and knowledge they need.

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Accessibility of company information for staff


With Oplift you actively empower your staff so they understand and know everything needed to improve their work performance.

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Digitally transform your business

Get rid of clutter, paper, and confusion with
Oplift. The platform easily integrates with your
business to digitally transform your culture,
operations and value delivery.


    Are staff compliant and up to date?

    • Easily roll out company updates in seconds.
    • Receive acknowledgments from staff when they read communications.
    • Send notifications for quick updates.

    No results from your investments?

    • Virgin Media saw a 13% increase in sales in just 6 months.
    • Reduce checklist time by 80%.
    • We’ve boosted customer knowledge ratings by 7.4% in three months.

    No time to fit learning in?

    • Microlearning so staff can learn in short bursts.
    • 1-5 minute learning modules.
    • Integrated flexibly into normal working hours.

    Lacking employee engagement?

    • Engagement scores to show employee’s interest.
    • 65% of employees play our e-learning games in their own time.
    • Reach and connect all employees.

Its time to transform – What’s your focus?

Employee Engagement

It’s a struggle trying to keep everyone motivated, informed and updated. Do you have trouble reaching and engaging your employees which is having a detrimental effect on your business?

Employee Engagement


Everyone finds it difficult to keep their entire business compliant. Are you looking for a complete solution which will reduce risks and streamline all of your operations?



Integrating learning into your staff’s everyday routine is hard. Are you looking for a solution which is flexible, realistic and one which they will actually use?

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