Seven types of character you get at the work Christmas party

Christmas parties are great for employee engagement, giving everyone a chance to interact outside of the work environment. Everyone relaxes and forms better relationships but we guarantee you’ll encounter one of these characters at yours… which one are you?

The workaholic 

Work, work, work, work, work… this person just won’t stop talking about work. You keep trying to steer them off the subject but somehow they always seem to bring it back. This can quickly turn celebrations into a festive work meeting.

Don’t be the workaholic, clear your mind of work and day to day responsibilities. Relax and ask colleagues what they have planned for Christmas or New Year, anything BUT work!

The lightweight 

Every year there always seems to be the one person who has taken full advantage of the free alcohol. They’re slurring their words before the starters have even arrived. If this is you, you’ll wake up with a lot of fear and regret without actually knowing what you did.

To avoid being the sloppy drunk, sip water in-between drinks and eat to your heart’s content to soak up that alcohol.

The photographer 

This person’s hand morphs into their phone, they snap everything in their path which can be good and bad. They can capture memorable times you will all want to look back on… or those regrettable moments that are best left in the past!

If you love being the photographer then make sure you check your snaps before you share to avoid any embarrassment.

The over-sharer

You’re having a lovely conversation with this person, then they start telling you some home truths (in a nice way of course). You now know they think you’re bossy and your laugh gets on their nerves.

It is good to express yourself more at the Christmas party but don’t end up offending someone, they’ll be more conscious around you at work and that won’t be nice for anyone.

The corner king/queen

They don’t want to dance and prefer one to one conversations so when they catch you they won’t let you go, they corner you so you have no choice. This is awkward and you very quickly realise you need the toilet.

Don’t be the scary corner person and make an effort to talk with everyone. The party is a great opportunity to build relationships with people from other departments or those you don’t get to work with very often.

The best friend (for one night only) 

You’ve found your work soul mate, you get along like a house on fire and wonder why this friendship hadn’t started sooner. The only problem is, once you go back to work you don’t really speak to each other.

Don’t let your new-found friendship go to waste (even if it was fuelled by multiple cocktails). Christmas parties are the perfect chance to bond with team mates, make the effort when you next see them at work and spark up a conversation.

The dark horse

This person is quiet, sensible and calm during work, so it comes as a surprise when they start shouting the words to every song and telling jokes like they’re going out of fashion.

No one should avoid being the dark horse, if anything we encourage you to let your hair down. Let your team mates know that you love having a good time, you just like to tone it down when you’re on the shop floor.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 13th December 2017