How to retain employee engagement in 2018!

It is a scary fact for managers but according to Indeed, over 30% of employees look for a new job in the new year. The extra stressful shifts staff will have to work over the festive period, plus the new year’s resolutions they set for themselves, can lead your staff to seeking out new opportunities.

Most managers think that pay is the main reason staff leave their job, but there are actually many others which include:

  • Not enough coaching and help
  • They feel stressed and overworked
  • There are not enough growth and development opportunities
  • They don’t feel recognised for their work
  • They have lost trust/respect for senior members of the team
  • They feel they would have a better employee experience at a different company

So, how can you fix these problems and retain your employees for 2018?

  1. End of year review – During this meeting, tell them what you think they have done well and what you think they have achieved during 2017. Make plans for what you think they can achieve in 2018. This will motivate them for the new year and help them envisage their future with you. It will squash any doubts they had about how they can progress their career in the year ahead.
  2. Regular feedback – As mentioned above, an end of year review is great to spur motivation for the new year, but you must be give regular feedback to keep employees engaged. This will enable staff to set goals and understand how they can improve, whilst also showing them that you do take notice of their work and progression. We know these can be time consuming, which is why they are often neglected. Oplift Coach allows you to improve performance with training and feedback, which can be done right on the shop floor, so no wasted time!
  3. Make sure your managers are inspiring leaders – According to one of the co-founders of Google’s mentoring programme, managers should spend 75% of their time listening and 25% of their time giving advice. Being able to understand employees and introduce change where staff want it is an invaluable skill. Have you been listening more than you have been speaking? If not, make sure it’s on your list for 2018!
  4. Don’t be afraid of your competitors – If your staff are leaving because of a better employee experience at a different company, find out why. What are they offering that you don’t have. It’s always important to accept that sometimes other businesses may be doing things more effectively than you at a particular point in time, but what’s more important is that you fix it. What better time to do this than the new year?!
  5. Recognise burnout – The role of a manager is to recognise if staff seem over worked or stressed. If you see it, communicate it and do something about it. Let employees know if you feel they are working too hard and ask them what you can do about it. Open communication means that they will feel comfortable sharing their concerns with you. It is essential that you do this before the year ends so that staff don’t dread another year of stress and tiredness.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 14th December 2017