Eight workplace New Year’s resolutions

  • Make the most of your commute – Don’t waste this extra time you have in your day, use it wisely. Learn a new language, research more, find new music, or read more, the possibilities are endless. It has been reported that on average UK workers spend 400 days of their life commuting, so why not make the most of that time! If you want to improve your performance at work then Oplift Learn can help, you can boost knowledge and know how with quizzes, daily questions, updates and feedback on the app anytime, anywhere.


  • Stop complaining – Whether this is out loud or in your mind, constant moaning brings you down. It doesn’t really benefit anyone and if you keep vocally complaining it has an effect on everyone else. This makes your team mates feel unhappy and even your customers. Did you know that just 30 minutes of complaining per day can physically damage your brain, so save your brain and stop complaining. If you have a serious issue which needs to be addressed, be sure to bring it up with senior members of your team.


  • Read a career related book – Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut at work, it is good to read something that will give you a new perspective or outlook on the things that you do day to day. To add to that benefit, reading also gives your brain a good workout, which boosts your memory function. We are sure you’ll agree this will come in very handy at work.


  • Stop procrastinating – Procrastination is said to cost British businesses £76 billion every year according to a report by RateSetter. We are all guilty of it; putting off a task because it’s not quite as easy as we were hoping, but just get it done. If you stop procrastinating once and for all you’ll reduce the time you spend thinking about how you’re going to get the job done and subsequently have a more productive day!


  • Be more polite  You should remember this one for your customers and your colleagues because being polite has multiple benefits; it makes you easier to talk to, more likeable, more approachable and less intimidating. You’ll receive positive attention, increase in sales, increase of repeat customers and create a positive atmosphere. There really are no down-sides to being more polite.


  • Try and learn something new every day – It doesn’t have to be big and it could be as simple as asking your colleagues how they up sell or how they do their monthly audits. Anything which teaches you a new piece of information that could come in handy for the future. With Oplift Engage you can search how-to guides whenever you want, this means you can teach yourself how to do something new every single day!


  • Listen more than you talk – Have you ever met one of those people who interrupts your story to add in how relevant it is to them, they talk over you and in the end you feel like they may as well have just told the story for you? Well don’t ever be that person, in fact your listening may help them solve their problems, it has been said that when a person feels completely listened to it allows them to take action and move on.


  • DO take work matters personally – Work is where you spend most of your life and to be engaged in your work you do have to take work matters personally. This will significantly help you be the best at your job and continuously improve. If you disconnect yourself from work because you are not taking it ‘personally’ then you are never going to be the best that you can be.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 3rd January 2018