10 types of people who say these cheesy workplace quotes

Are you guilty of using cheesy quotes in the workplace, or do you ever cringe at your co-workers and feel yourself eye rolling your way through the day. Well, you are not alone. We give you 10 of the cheesiest quotes and who would be most likely to say them!


1. Think outside the box – This person does anything BUT think outside of the box. They try their hardest to be creative but are always left scratching their head. They have big dreams and are constantly trying to get others to see their ‘vision.’ They are friendly and chatty but very indecisive.


2. Let’s smash this – This person loves life and loves hitting targets at work even more, they are energetic and always optimistic. They tell jokes that are so bad they’re funny and if you are having a bad day you can be sure they will brighten your mood with their positive attitude.


3. I’m completely swamped under – This person takes life very seriously and is more of a ‘glass half empty’ kind of personality. They enjoy letting people know how much they have to do and for some reason they never seem to find their way out of the swamp of work. They rush around and sometimes need to take a moment to breathe.


4. Crack the whip –  This person tends to not do much themselves but enjoys telling others they need to work harder. If things aren’t going well they like to blame everyone else but themselves, that’s when they ‘crack the whip.’ They are very extroverted and can be insensitive to other’s feelings.


5. Drill down – This person means business. They won’t take no for an answer and work tirelessly to get things done. They leave their sense of humour at home and walk around with a stern expression permanently on their face. When they are angry you don’t want to cross their path, so it’s best to stay on their good side.


6. Thought shower – This person is very liberal and respects everyone’s thoughts and opinions. They are kind and sensitive of everyone’s feelings, they get upset when other people don’t act the same and won’t tolerate rudeness. They are relaxed at work and like to consult each employee before any decisions are made.


7. No brainer – This person likes to make decisions quickly and is very direct. They get excited about things very easily and embrace new ideas, they love talking and are very easy going. They look for shortcuts in life and don’t like anything that is slow paced.


8. Dot the I’s and cross the T’s – Similar to drill down, this is a very serious kind of person who goes through everything with a fine-tooth comb. They don’t take jokes very well at work and are very particular. People can get annoyed at them for being too fussy but they just want everything to be perfect.


9. Let’s touch base – This person is a slow mover and ‘touches base’ many times before they reach a decision. They don’t stick to plans and prefer doing things spontaneously, they are friendly and always manage to make people around them feel comfortable.


10. Wow factor – This person knows what they are looking for and how to get it.  They have high expectations and are incredibly disappointed when these are not met. They pay great attention to detail and get irritated if things aren’t done exactly the way they want them.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 12th January 2018