10 secrets of people who love going to work

Secret #1 They set goals – If you don’t set any goals for your day you end up coasting through your hours, not really feeling like you’ve achieved anything. It makes your day seem very long and you never work to your full potential.

Tip – Set at least two specific goals for the day which you know you can achieve and are unlikely to brush off. To make sure the goal is motivating write down why it’s valuable and important to you. If you didn’t achieve it in the day, don’t abandon the goal, think why it didn’t happen and try again tomorrow. This gives you motivation and purpose.


Secret #2 They get in the zone – When they do a task at work they fully immerse themselves. They don’t think about what they’re having for dinner, or where they’re going at the weekend, they dedicate themselves to the task at hand.

Tip – To get in the zone give your work your undivided attention, don’t think about it being boring or where else you could be or what else you could be doing. The more you do this the more you will enjoy it and the better you will become. In fact, it can clear your mind of outside worries making you calmer and happier.


Secret #3 They prepare  You won’t find them waking up late and rushing around to get all of their things ready for work before bolting out of the door. Instead, their routine before work will be calm and stress-free to set them up for the day.

Tip – Ensure you get your clothes, lunch and bag are all prepared the night before. This means you haven’t got to worry about it in the morning. If you’re always rushed for time it could be a sign that you’re not waking up early enough, so set your alarm 10 minutes earlier.


Secret #4 They make work social – They don’t just go to work, do their job and then come home. They talk to people, ask them how they are and genuinely care about building good relationships in the workplace. According to Gallup those who have a best friend in the workplace are seven times as likely to be engaged in their job.

Tip – Make an effort to join in conversations, the more you do this the easier it will be. Ask people how their weekend was and make an effort to talk to people at lunch. Talk more to customers, try and find out at least one fact about them.


Secret #5 They go out of their job descriptionThey do everything that is in their job description plus more. They find ways that they can exceed their performance, not only does this challenge them daily but it also helps them develop in their role and feel like they are achieving more.

Tip – If you can’t think of what else you can do, ask your manager and let them know you want to learn more they’ll be impressed with your keen attitude.


Secret #6 They embrace their work environment – They appreciate the change of scenery and having a reason to get out of the house every day. Of course, they still like lazy days at home but they know if they were at home constantly they would quickly get bored. Plus if their job is particularly active they know they are releasing endorphins (happy hormones) whilst they get paid. According to the Royal College of psychiatrists people who are unemployed for more than 12 weeks are between four and ten times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Tip – To embrace your work environment it is important to tell yourself what you have achieved by going into work. For example – a long walk to the office is a good form of exercise, you learnt something new from a customer you served, you helped a colleague with a task they couldn’t do.


Secret #7 They have a different outlook on work – People who love going to work don’t just go in to pay the bills. They go in to learn new skills, meet new people, test their abilities and progress to be the best they can be.

Tip – Write down where you want to progress to in work and plan how you are going to get there. Always make sure you are challenging yourself and remember a job is where you spend half of your life so it’s important to make the most of it.


Secret #8 They don’t let hard days ruin their whole week – They understand that there will be setbacks in work, but they work hard to overcome them rather than try to ignore them and let them get them down. They know that tomorrow is a new day and they don’t have to wait until the next week for things to be good again.

Tip – Understand that without problems you can’t learn and develop from them and tell yourself this when you start letting the stress get the better of you.


Secret #9 They can visualise their future self – They know where they want to be by a certain time. They can visualise how their life will be when they get there and they know they can only achieve this through hard work.

Tip – Take time to focus on what you want and where you want to be in the next five years. Focus on the steps you think it will take to achieve your goals and stick with them.


Secret #10 They enjoy a routine – They like splitting their day up and having allocated times to do things as this keeps them active and productive. It lets them appreciate their downtime more as they know they have been busy and working hard all day.

Tip – Make the most of your routine and you will find you can do a lot more in a day than you thought. Get up earlier and fit your exercise in before work rather than after. If you use public transport to commute, use the time to read or learn something new.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 9th February 2018