The easiest way to ensure regulatory compliance in your business

It can be incredibly time-consuming trying to get all of your staff compliant with policies and procedures. You need to know how your staff are staying compliant, how easy it is for them to stay compliant, and this can be different for each department within your business. You need to make sure processes are carried out effectively to ensure you are 100% compliant, if they aren’t being done properly you need to figure out the reasons why your processes are failing (discover the 6 most common reasons your processes are failing or find out if terrible processes at work are ruining your success).

Non-compliance can lead to large financial penalties, inspections and audits, imprisonment, destroy a brand’s value and market reputation, or your company could be shut down completely! It is vital you have an effective strategy in place, so how can you ensure compliance in the easiest way possible and avoid costly compliance mistakes? Do any of the problems below sound familiar to you?


Employees don’t understand the policies and procedures?

  • Avoid using complex language or jargon as this will immediately disengage employees, use simple language and make them as easy to follow as possible.
  • To do this, break them down into stages with clear section titles. With Oplift, you can publish policies as a single item or break them down into several stages. This makes it easier for navigation and simple for users to follow, rather than having one mass document which is hard to digest. Discover how to get staff interested in your policies and procedures.

An article on an iPad about employee theft

Measure their understanding

  • For some policies such as FCA compliance, a number of reviews must be carried out and recorded to make sure people understand the policy and are following it. This can be achieved via Oplift’s Checklist feature, the completion of which is automatically logged and can be reported on.

Employees don’t know where to look for the policies and procedures

  • If you asked one of your employees right now to tell you where to find specific policies or procedures would they know right away, or would they struggle to think of where or even worse not know at all!
  • It is essential that you structure how you are going to organise your policies and procedures, and put them in a logical order which is going to make sense to your employees.
  • With Oplift, you can add your articles to specific categories to keep them organised e.g. safety, compliance, loss prevention. These can then all be kept under a parent category of ‘Health and safety’ which can show as a tile on the dashboard. This means that your employees can get to your policies within 3 taps, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

AN iPad with the Oplift engage dashboard on


Employees do not have time to look? 

  • Having them available on employees own mobile devices means they can view them wherever and whenever they want to.
  • Our search capability in the top left means employees can search any policy or procedure with immediate results.


Employees don’t ever actually read the policies and procedures

  • To ensure your whole team are compliant you need clarification that they have read certain policies and procedures.
  • The acknowledgements feature on Oplift means you can be notified when staff have read certain articles.
  • However, one acknowledgement is not always enough, sometimes you need policies to be re-acknowledged. For example, a health and safety policy may need to be read once per year but a code of conduct policy will need to be read once per month. 
  • Oplift’s frequency feature on acknowledgements means you can set how often you would like your policies and procedures to be read.

Employees forget to read policies and procedures

  • When employees are busy at work, the last thing they remember to do is read policies and procedures.
  • With Oplift, you can send notifications directly to your employees mobile devices even if the app is closed. These can notify employees of when the article needs to be acknowledged by.
  • You can schedule policies and procedures for any time and notify employees when they are shared.

Employees can’t easily report on compliance 

  • Oplift review allows your staff to report people, locations and objects. They can do this in the moment, wherever they are and results will be sent straight to head office for a complete overview of compliance in your business.
  • Reporting on people ensures that staff are acting in accordance with your compliance regulations.
  • Reporting on locations ensures that all areas across your company are meeting compliance requirements and up to standard.
  • Reporting on things ensure all objects, materials, vehicles or equipment are meeting requirements and up to standard.
  • If you regularly face compliance issues, find out the five most common compliance issues and what you can do to solve them.

Oplift allows you to digitally transform and radically change your business. Our platforms work together to change every facet of your organisation. Everything from operations, company documents, internal communications, and staff interactions. With Oplift you get peace of mind that your business stays compliant, in the easiest way possible, get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 19th April 2018