Are you a narcissistic employer?

Self centred, demanding, arrogant and lack of empathy are words you would usually use to describe a narcissistic person, but be aware they can be used for your business too. So how can you tell if your company is self-centred and thus providing a poor employee experience?

  • Management always reiterate the fact that employee loyalty is a number one priority, not allowing staff a good work life balance, or making them feel guilty for trying to achieve one.
  • They don’t like it when employees question anything and show a sense of frustration when they do. This makes staff aware that they shouldn’t question things again.
  • To make the most of their employees, management use guilt, threats and speak about why staff should do things for the greater good of the business.
  • The organisation has policies and procedures in place which lack flexibility and empathy for their employees. For example, they don’t offer paid maternity leave, or they make it difficult to go to doctors appointments.
  • They are overly jealous of other organisations and continuously run them down. To make sure they have enough money to out perform their competition, wages rarely increase and there are cuts for internal equipment, such as computers, staff rooms etc.
  • Management are bitter when employees leave the company, because they can’t accept the fact that people would ever want to leave of their own accord.

If this sounds like your business it is wise to start putting some changes in place to ensure that you put your employees first, as they are your most important asset.

This could include better pay, better benefits, more open relationships with a flat organisational structure, better coaching and training, having a more relaxed working culture.¬†For tips on how to improve, read our article “Most common traits of the best employers in the UK.” In the long term a narcissistic business will not thrive and staff turnover will begin to increase.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 22nd May 2018