The real reason you hate your job

After the bank holiday, many people return to work and daydream of having a different career to improve their happiness at work. But sometimes the problem isn’t your actual job, it is simply the environment that you work in. Read the points below to asses if you really want a career change or just a change of company.


Ask friends and family what it is that you whine about? If their answers are that you mostly complain about the job itself, for example, you moan about being tired running up and down to the stock room and you hate talking to customers, then it’s a career change that you need. However, if it’s more the people you work with or the conditions that you work in, then it’s a change of company that you should be looking for.


Would you do the job at your dream company? Imagine if you were offered the same job you do at the moment but at a dream company that you’ve always wanted to work for, would you take it? If the answer is yes, write down why you would take it and what you think would be different about the job. If these all look like valid points, it’s time to get yourself a different job. If the answer is no, it’s time to change careers and find your true calling.


Are you frequently down about being undervalued at work? When you don’t feel valued at work it can just make you miserable all of the time, no matter how well you are doing your job. Ask yourself these questions, when was the last time you received thanks or a compliment for your work? When was the last time someone spoke to you about your career development? Or if none of the above apply, have you had any indications that your work isn’t up to scratch? If the answer to any of these is over two months then you need to look at working in a different environment!


Have you thought about your past jobs? Have you had the same job at a different company and if so, did you enjoy it there? Why did you or didn’t you enjoy it there? If you did enjoy it, think about what is different now, if you didn’t enjoy it think about other jobs which you have liked and why. This will help you decide which career is best for you. For example, if you had a job as a sales person before and you preferred it because you got to travel around a lot, then it’s wise to think of options which allow you to be out and about more.


Are your skills developing at work? Learning is a basic human desire which we all need to grow and develop. If you are not learning at work then your job is bound to make you miserable. Think about skills which you would like to learn or that would enable you to do your job better. If you are keen to educate yourself about different areas of your job then it’s probably just your company’s lack of training or employee development which is making you miserable. However, if you still have no interest or desire to learn more about your role then it’s time to change careers.


What do you like and dislike about your job? List the pros and cons of your job and assess. If most of the pros are about your job and most of the cons are about the environment you work in, then you can be assured it’s a new job you need not a new career. For example, you love dealing with customers every day but you don’t like the way your manager tells you to talk to them. If the pros are more your environment and the cons are more the job itself, then embrace a new career move!


If you honestly answer the questions above then you’ll truly know what to do to benefit your career in the best way possible.

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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 30th May 2018