How tech can make your life in retail 100% easier

Ever wondered how you can make your stressful life in retail 100% easier? We tell you how your daily routine can become a breeze with new tech platforms.

Employee Engagement – Do you find it hard to engage non-desk workers in retail because they’re always on the move?

New web and mobile applications make interactions with staff easy, no matter how big your company is. They allow your staff to take control of their workplace development by having everything they need to access in a simple app on their own mobile device. Being able to access everything company related on their own phone means it fits in with their lifestyle and gives them the freedom to choose how and when they want to learn and inform themselves. These responsive systems actively engage staff with notifications, live feeds, acknowledgements, and aesthetically appealing designs, which are similar to apps they are used to using in their own time.


Employee development – Do you find it hard to train you retail workers because you don’t have much time away from the shop floor? 

As mentioned above, staff can control their own development which cuts out time wasted having to wait for management to teach and train them. New tech platforms have gamification features to make learning bite-sized engaging and fun, which means they can play whenever they have a spare minute at work. They have an unlimited amount of self-help articles, so staff can top up their knowledge when it suits them. They have employee review features which allow management to do staff assessments and reports all on the shop floor, no need to waste time out the back doing admin.


Employee training and compliance – Do you find it hard to keep your retail staff compliant and aware?

New tech platforms are designed to take the stress out of training and compliance and ensure everything is logged and tracked. They allow you to roll out new compliance material to everyone within seconds and management can ask to receive a confirmation that they have been read. To ensure they are actually understood, new tech systems allow you to send digital checklists to cover every point of understanding. But it doesn’t end there, because of their easy to use designs, they make boring compliance material much more digestible and easy to read. You can even create gamified solutions to reinforce compliance information in an engaging way. You can send timely notifications to ensure no piece of compliance material ever goes unnoticed.


Employee productivity – Does your staff’s productivity suffer because of paper searching and documentation? 

Thanks to new technology your retail store can be completely paperless, which means no more time wasted searching for files or documents, trying to read handwriting or guessing timestamps. It also means simple things like store audits can be done with just a few taps, rather than filling out endless answers on paper. No more going back and forth when trying to organise merchandise as new technology allows you to take pictures and send to head office immediately. This allows for instant feedback and if things need fixing then you can create actionable tasks immediately.


Store space – Do your tills and computers take up a lot of space? 

In retail, wasted space is wasted money, you should be displaying and selling your products wherever possible. New technology allows you to banish tills and big payment desks for point of sale software which goes straight onto an iPad. This means your payments can be made anywhere in your store, without the need for a bulky counter.


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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 6th June 2018