5 common compliance issues and how you can solve them

Staff forgetting to read policies and procedures

When staff are busy getting on with their job it can be easy for them to forget to read the various policies and procedures that they should be up to date on.

How can Oplift help? 

Oplift Engage’s notification feature means that staff are reminded so that they never forget. These will show up even when the app is closed. Diminish confusion amongst staff, they will know what to complete and when to complete it. Our acknowledgement feature means that employees acknowledge that they have read and understood all compliance material.

Reports lacking detail because there is not enough time

When an employee is rushed for time the last thing they want to do is carry out an assessment, these can be long and time-consuming when they already have so much on their plate.

How can Oplift help?

Oplift Review allows you to report on people, locations or other subjects wherever you are. Whether that’s a regional manager visiting a store, a driver checking their vehicle or a manager performing a staff review.

  • Assessors can start a report on a subject and begin collecting insights right away.
  • For each question in the report, assessors can save time by easily collecting insights with a yes or no answer, a vibe feeling on a sliding coloured rating scale, a drop down or numeric answer.
  • For each insight you can add a comment and pictures. You can also create actionable tasks associated with the insight that need to be completed, and you can assign the tasks to other people in the system.
  • When you are finished with a report you can submit it and share it via email.
  • Reports can also be viewed on the web in Oplift, if the user has permission to see them.

Employees not knowing where to look for your policies and procedures

It can be tiring having to constantly instruct your staff on where to look for your policies and procedures. If they are on paper and are constantly being moved or updated then the struggle becomes even harder with documents spread in too many different places.

How can Oplift help?

With Oplift Engage you can clearly organise your documents under relevant headings and sections. You can have them all under one tile on the dashboard, this means that your employees can get to your policies within two taps. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Not feeling confident about your customer’s security

With the new GDPR law, you have to be extra careful about the safety and security of all of your customer’s information. You must ask yourself the following:

  • How did we obtain it? If you can’t answer how you obtained it, you shouldn’t have it.
  • How am I sharing it? If you are sharing it you should be taking additional steps to ensure it is shared lawfully.
  • How long am I storing it for? There is no hard rule but you should review how long you keep data. Consider the purpose for which you are holding the information to help you decide how long to keep it or to delete it.
  • Are we keeping it safe? Once the data is in your hands it is your job to ensure it is safe and secure.

How can Oplift help?

With our scanning app powered by Oplift Extend you can improve the security of all customer information. The app allows you to capture sensitive information which can be sent to the relevant places, it is then automatically deleted. All of your customer’s sensitive information will be processed through the app but none of it will be stored or saved which means no breach of data protection. The app makes processes quicker, hassle-free and compliant.

If a user scans a subject and leaves the device without carrying out any activities, the app will wipe the images and the user would have to retake them to ensure they are always secure and safe. The time of inactivity before the images are wiped is customisable, so you can decide how long you think is appropriate to your business.

Struggling to keep all compliance material up to date

Having to reprint documents across the whole of your business is timely and frustrating.

How can Oplift help?

Oplift Engage allows you to quickly amend compliance material and ensure all of your estate is up to date within seconds. Simply update or change your material within the admin side of the platform, then send a notification letting everyone know they have been amended.

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 18th July 2018