Ever feel like your iPhone/ zaps your productivity? Here’s how iOS 12 can help

On September 17th Apple announced the iOS 12 update. Here is everything you need to know for how it can help you improve your productivity at work and also improve your downtime at home.

Understand your iPhone or iPad usage time

Activity reports allow you to use your device more productively, they show you how frequently you pick up your iPhone or iPad plus how much time you spend using different apps. This means you can start seeing if your device is actually boosting or zapping your productivity at work!

If you are spending the majority of your time on emails, or workplace apps during the week then you know you are engaging with your job responsibilities. However, if you are spending a huge chunk of your day on social media then it’s time to take action and start using app limits ⏰.

Take control of your iPhone or iPad usage

If you are spending time on apps or websites that are ruining your productivity then it’s time for App Limits. They allow you to set an amount of time that you can spend on specific ones each day so that you can start taking control of your device usage. Head to Settings → Screen Time → App Limits to get started!

Speed up the things you do

With iOS 12 your iPhone or iPad will now be more responsive and faster with things you do on it every day. Things like launching apps and typing will be even quicker than before. When you are doing a lot on your device at once for those busy days at work, there have been improvements to enhance performance and prevent anything from slowing down! Up to 70% faster swipe to your camera (from the lock screen swipe left) up to 50% faster keyboard display and 2x faster app launch under a heavy workload.

Be more efficient with your iPhone or iPad

Messages – With ‘Tapback’ to messages, you know longer have to worry about wasted time replying, you can simply touch and hold the notification to reply with an emoji of your choice 👍. You can even turn the QuickType keyboard into a trackpad on devices without 3D Touch by touching and holding the space bar – perfect for quickly moving the cursor to fix those autocorrect mishap.

Photos – Search for photos from events you have attended like the Employee Empowerment Summit so you can quickly locate them and search for them via places e.g. Olympia London or multiple keyword search e.g. “Exhibition” and “Centre.”

Passwords – You no longer need to waste time looking for passwords, Siri now has the capability to help you search for any you need.

Updates – Don’t worry about scheduling time for updates on your device you can now set automatic updates which will be installed overnight 😎.

All of our Oplift apps have been tested and are ready for iOS – so get upgrading!

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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 20th September 2018