10 employee engagement blogs that are actually worth reading

There is so much information out there and it can be hard to know which employee engagement blogs are actually worth reading.

I’ve compiled a list of my top ten favourite employee management and engagement blogs! Their tips are top notch and I couldn’t ask for more helpful resources.

Thank you to everyone I’ve included 🤩 (they are listed in no particular order).

When I work

‘When I work’ are an employee scheduling and time tracking software company. Their blog looks lighthearted from their fun and colourful feature images which I 💗, but their articles are really in-depth. They have lots of different topics including employee satisfaction, internal comms, advice for small business owners, and finance and legal advice.

They don’t just speak about topics (which I find frustrating as those kinds of articles are no help at all) they tell you exactly how you can resolve issues with a thorough step by step guide for you to read through. For example “How to calculate vacation pay for hourly employees.” “How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program that will Increase Sales.”

A lot of their articles also offer resources for you to improve your skills, e.g. top business books for you to read, Twitter handles, newsletters and blogs to subscribe to. Their help knows no limits, check them out here.


LifeWorks are a well-being platform that works to make your employees feel loved. Their blog is actually very refreshing compared to a lot of other employee management blogs out there 💪. They don’t just give the generic workforce tips which you expect.

LifeWorks cover everything that could affect employee wellbeing – food – exercise – daily media – stress – bad habits. They also cover more sensitive subjects like sexual harassment, disorders, illness and mental health.

Their articles are factually based with stats, so I always trust what they have to say. I know that their content is never going to be fluffy nonsense.

Give them a visit!


Emplify is an employee engagement platform that delivers data-driven surveys. Their blog is extensive and they seem to have covered pretty much every topic on employee engagement that you could think of 😲.

I really love their style of writing, it’s conversational and offers personal stories to communicate the points which they are trying to get across.

They get down to the nitty-gritty and address the confusions that we all have – what’s better culture or leadership? – do perks and rewards really work? – the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement? They really go into fine detail about every topic they cover so you’re not left wondering what’s next. Give it a read here.

Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal works as a leadership coach which means she gains insights from the top leaders in their field. Her articles are punchy and really get to the pain points which leaders may be suffering from 👊.  

Her real-life examples are really easy to follow and digest. Lolly always uses a similar format, so I always know that it only takes 2 or 3 minutes out of my day to read one of her articles.

She also touches upon issues with a brutally honest view and opinion, this makes them really relatable. I particularly enjoyed these articles “10 Ways Successful People Work with People They Don’t Like” and “How to Get Along with Negative People.” But don’t just take my word for it she’s been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and The Financial Post.

Take a few minutes out of your day and read some of her content.

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is an analyst in the field of HR leadership and talent management. His articles don’t just touch on workplace issues he delves deep into the ‘why.’ He is always on top of the latest workplace insights and knows what trends and phenomenons are going to propel your workplace to success 👌. 

He can explain problems and strengths from – previous workplace trends and how they are developing – what new trends are emerging and how you can adopt them in your workplace – and which trends are here to stay. He really ‘gets’ what drives employees at work and breaks down big buzz words like “employee experience” or “employee engagement” to tell you what they truly mean and all the complexities that are involved.

If you want to get clued up and have a real dig into some of the most popular topics in employee management, have a read.


theTeam are a creative brand and communications agency. At first glance, their blog is creative, colourful and just really looks a cut above the rest 🎨. I usually focus on the employee engagement section of the blog but they cover a whole array of topics – interviews – branding – brand and purpose and loads more. You can tell that they aren’t a company who like to follow the crowd. Their posts are like a breath of fresh air and unlike any other articles I’ve read before. Some of which include “Four controversial concepts affecting employee engagement” and “Are we making an engagement mountain out of a molehill?

If you’re tired of the usual spiel you read on employee management blogs give theirs a read.

Engage for Success

I first became familiar with Engage for Success after attending their Mission Engagement event at Chessington last year 🎢. From there I became aware of their blog and haven’t stopped reading it since!

They have tons of guest posts so you can always read topics from a different viewpoint. Their case studies are definitely worth reading if you want some background knowledge into how other companies tackle engagement issues. They are so in depth and explain exactly how they got to the end goal, never skimping on the details. They tell you a huge amount of background information, challenges, tactics to overcome the issues, frameworks, and recommendations.

You’d be silly not to give this blog a read

Acceler8 Training 

This blog is more quality over quantity 🙌. They don’t have many articles but the ones they do have will leave you feeling like you’ve just gone in and had a chat with them. The articles are so personal, you can tell that they are written from the heart and not just because they feel they should write a few blog posts every month. 

They know what makes people tick and how important it is to understand personality traits and styles in order to create a better workplace (which can’t be said for a lot of other companies). They talk about issues that we can all relate to – not having enough budgetdemanding customers – and everyone’s favourite…Brexit.

If you really want to understand your people to improve performance then have a look for yourself!


Not only does this company write about tasty and healthy snack ideas for work 😋. They also write really good employee management articles too! What more could you want? Their blog articles range from 19 Healthy Savory Snacks and Recipes to Satisfy Your Salty Cravings to Hire Faster and Smarter With These 3 Recruiting Plan Templates. They seem to truly understand what makes your employees happy at work and the importance of well-being. I was very impressed when I first discovered them!  

If you are struggling with setting and achieving goals in your company. Their article and video called ‘Guide to winning‘ will really help you out.

So if you’re feeling hungry and eager to learn, then give theirs a read

David Zinger

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker. His articles are short and refreshing because he doesn’t follow any kind of format or guidance 😀. You can really tell that he just writes what he feels when he feels it. He has a background in counselling psychology which would explain his beautifully written analogies and his focus on fulfilment.

Most of his posts include creative images (not just stock images which we see everywhere) or videos of him explaining his points. He believes that companies should be more focused on ‘engaging in the moment’ in order to fully engage employees. Not focused on surveys, powerpoints, or data from the past or future. So for a refreshingly different perspective on employee engagement and management give his blog a read


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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 10th April 2019