How to keep your store organised during an end of season sale

End of season sales are a great time to shop for your customers, but they can be hell on earth for retailers. Discover how to keep your store running efficiently and effectively during what can be an incredibly chaotic time of the year.

Speed up your task management

Trying to keep your store tidy and organised during an end of season sale can be a complete nightmare. You put someone in charge of keeping the sales rack tidy and they lose track of tasks because they have to go on the tills. Because of the constant rotation of jobs and responsibilities staff forget what tasks they were asked to do. All of this makes keeping track of everything and everyone incredibly difficult.

Keep control of your task management with a digital app. At the end of each day when you go through your stock inventory and check where everything is, carry out a quick report. With Oplift, every time you do a quick report you can set a task. Make a specific person responsible and a deadline for them to complete it by. They will get an alert on their mobile so that when they come in for their shift they will know exactly what they need to get done.

Roll out ‘sales’ learning fast and effectively

Perhaps you need to remind staff of the correct way to apply the sales tags, or maybe they need a nudge to make sure they are replenishing the sales stock. Of course you don’t have time to do a whole sales training course and you don’t need to.

Create a speedy microlearning course for your employees to complete before the end of season sale starts or during if you need to. It is a perfect way to remind your staff of best practice and make sure they are operating as effectively as they can during the period. Oplift makes it incredibly simple to create short microlearning playlists which staff can jump in and out of whenever they have a spare moment. Best of all you can repurpose any article in the knowledgebase to create learning material meaning you can roll out a playlist in a matter of minutes.

Keep control of your store’s tidiness and appearance wherever you are

When you have multiple stores, carrying out an end of season sale is a huge operation! Trying to keep check on the tidiness of each store becomes a near impossible task. The only way to effectively manage this is with clear and consistent communication. But this is easier said than done when everyone is 100x more busy.

With Oplift, store staff can upload images and task lists when they carry out their daily reports or checklists. This means regional and head office teams can get instant visibility across all stores. It allows them to keep consistency and ensure their sales don’t look like organised chaos.

man looking at end of season sales reports

Let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work during the busy period

When things get really busy and stressful it can be easy to forget to appreciate your staff. Employees will be overworked, tired and feel unappreciated which is a huge recipe for disaster. When your staff are happy they are on average 12% more productive than unhappy employees. A simple thank you goes a long way but why not put something in writing so your employees don’t forget their recognition. Oplift achievements allow managers and colleagues to hand out stickers and trophies when someone does a good job. The member of staff will receive a notification to let them know they have been recognised by someone which boosts morale and happiness.

End of season sales are hard work so why not get a little helping hand. Oplift can help you stay on top of tasks, reduce stress and increase clarity. Discover more here.

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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 15th July 2019