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Top 8 digital transformation blogs that will make everything a little clearer

Digital transformation is a word which usually has one of three reactions:

  1. Excitement – “I could read and read and read about it. There is always something new and it’s a crucial area of topic for modern businesses.”
  2. Annoyance – “Oh shut up already I’ve heard it a million times this year. It’s an overrated and fluffy term and i’m pretty sure no one really understands it completely.”
  3. Scared – “I don’t understand what it means. I don’t get how it applies to me and I’d rather just leave it to the professionals.”

Luckily there are a few select blogs that know how to articulate their ideas, thoughts and tips. These blogs will help you better understand the digital transformation landscape. Read these top 8 digital transformation blogs (in no particular order) below. We guarantee you’ll feel more confident and clearer about the subject in no time.


Mulesoft are a computer software company based in San Francisco. They help organisations change and improve by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data, and devices. Their blog goes into detail about how to deploy and integrate new systems. Which we all know is easier said than done. They know that you can’t just plug in and out new digital solutions. Integration is the key to success when you digitally transform. Here are 3 of our favourite posts by them; 3 steps to fully integrate employee lifecycle systems, Enable AI without compromising on cybersecurity and Communicating the need to adopt a new integration approach.


This company consults and provides web and mobile applications for BFSI, Healthcare, and Software customers. Their blog is very much focused on helping you understand software development. This is crucial when outsourcing companies for technical solutions. One of the biggest challenges for companies when it comes to digital transformation is working with external solutions providers. Thus is due to the fact that you’re not familiar with their language or processes. It can be easy to feel like an idiot. Unosquare’s blog will build your confidence and make it easier for you to spot any problems or issues. Examples include Understanding quality assurance in the software development lifecycleDo you trust your agile software project roadmap and Don’t make this mistake in your staff augmentation agreement.

Javelin Group

Javelin Group provides strategy consulting and digital transformation services to retailers and consumer brands. So, of course, their digital transformation tips are specifically tailored to retail. But their expertise in this area is a cut above the rest. Retail, in particular, is facing a tricky period at the moment because of the fierce competition from eCommerce stores. The blog understands that there is a new age of retail which requires a different type of thinking and strategy to succeed. Here a few you should definitely read The ‘halo effect’ – how can retailers understand and track the impact of their store estates on their digital channels?, How can developers and investors future-proof their shopping centres? and Is it time to transform to analytics-driven Buying & Merchandising?


WalkMe are the creators of a digital adoption platform and are based in California. Their platform works as an invisible layer of visual cues and personalized content placed on top of your website or enterprise software. It’s only natural that they know a thing or two about digital transformation. Their blog is great for getting familiar with the topic because it’s so simple yet informative. It covers all those questions that you want to ask but perhaps are too afraid for fear of looking stupid. For example, How do you measure digital transformation, Why is digital adoption suddenly a thing and How do you create a digital culture. It gets to the point and cuts the fluff which is exactly what you want when discussing digital transformation.


Zigurat is an educational institution which offers programmes in Structural Engineering, Climatology BIM, Advanced Management Systems Innovation and Technology and Digital Transformation. Their blog is extensive and covers everything from famous digital projects, digital transformation thought leaders, explanations for dummies, digital transformation in almost every insustry, and summit summaries. They really have got everything covered, their articles are high quality and extremely relevant in the digital transformation space. Try reading Digital Revolution, as a change of philosophy, Facing the Digital Revolution: Tips and Tricks and Are you aware of what the real digital transformation is?

Digitalisation World

Digitalisation World is a comprehensive portfolio of products which cover the key technologies that underpin the digital revolution. There blog is split into 11 core areas these include: apps and dev ops, big data and analytics, cloud+ms, dc facilities and colo, digital business, intelligent automation, IT management +service, networks +telecoms, open source, security and compliance and storage + servers. Their articles are more like news updates. They will help you stay up to date with everything to do with digital transformation. We love these articles Almost half of employees unconvinced their IT department enables business productivity, Over half of businesses can’t manage their digital infrastructure and Disrupt or die? Start with the fundamentals.

Aragon research

Aragon Research is a research and advisory firm that focuses on high impact research and advice to help you make better technology and strategy decisions. Their blog is particularly good because it talks about hot topics which are popular in the moment. Not just general digital transformation articles. For example, their article “Can Facebook be trusted in the enterprise after it was caught spying on teens?” Betsy Burton who is their vice president of research, writes in a really nice style and isn’t afraid to go against traditional views or opinions. Here are some articles we recommend you to read Digital Platform Market Bifurcates Into Digital Business Platform and Digital Business SolutionAre Mergers And Acquisitions In the Tech Sector Stifling Innovation? and My Top 3 Speakers at MozCon 2019.


DocuWare are a document management software company. They deliver smart digital workflows and document control for companies. We like their blog because it speaks about very specific problems which come with digital transformation. For example if you work in accounts and you long for accounts payable automation, they tell you how to get executive buy in for that. Or perhaps you are curious about how to digitally transform your onboarding process. They have an article for that. Their posts are a good size. Not too long so you can quickly read one in a couple of minutes. Try reading these for a start Customer Spotlight: Mobile Access Empowers Field Superintendents to Keep Work Moving at Century Fence, 10 Questions Every CFO Should Ask About Invoice Automation and Straight Talk On Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: How They Can Help Your Business


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Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 8th August 2019