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5 Benefits Workforce Management Software Brings To Your Business

Your workforce is your business’ greatest asset. Thus, it is imperative that you maximise the productivity of your employees by optimising schedules, assigning tasks to the right people, and discovering their strengths and weaknesses to further improve their capabilities.

This is where workforce management software enters into the picture. It helps your HR department and staff to fully utilise their skills and tools for HR processes. They can gather, integrate, and implement a set of processes designed to make your workforce more efficient and effective at their tasks as individuals and as a collective unit.

With a workforce HR software like Oplift, HR professionals can effectively cover multiple facets of business operations that involve human resources such as recruiting, scheduling, timekeeping, payments, benefits, and performance evaluation/management. Oplift is a digital operations platform that can help you leverage compliance, communications, engagement, and staff training. 

Still need a bit of convincing? Here are five benefits your business will enjoy if you adopt and utilise workforce software.

Automate Manual Processes

A good enterprise workforce management software helps you automate a wide range of activities that are under the umbrella of human resources. The list includes budgeting and forecasting, time and attendance, staff scheduling, employee performance evaluation, leave management, and payroll/benefits management.

By automating many HR-related processes, your HR managers save more time that can be put to good use elsewhere. Workforce management software Oplift is a fine example.

Powerful automations enable companies to reduce time spent on tasks by as much as 80%. It eliminates the need to work with cumbersome spreadsheets. Oplift makes it easy for managers to create and assign tasks, track their progress, capture insights, and more.

As time becomes more available, your managers and employees can concentrate on other activities that transform them into valuable, high-performing assets. These activities range from advanced employee training, enhanced customer experience, to developing a nurturing and empowering culture in the workplace.

Assemble the Perfect Team

There are times when you need to form a remarkable group of employees to perform a special task with a unique set of requirements. Say you have a new product scheduled for a public release, you obviously want to have a team of knowledgeable product experts ready by the time your product development commences. But how do you create the perfect team of product experts? With workforce management software, that’s how.

Aside from helping you delegate the right tasks to the right workers, having a workforce HR software enables you to identify people with specific skills and the aptitude needed for certain positions. Insights from performance evaluation reports and thorough analysis of other employee information allow you to filter out candidates filled with potential and talent who can be leveraged and nurtured to maximum effect.

Limit Instances of Overtime

Overtime is expensive but it is a necessity at the same time, especially if you are way behind your target dates. Aside from costs, overtime can be physically and mentally draining for your employees. Their productivity is adversely impacted and the quality of their work is mediocre at best when they always have to put in extra hours. Simply put, overtime is costing your business money because you’re paying disempowered and disengaged employees for extra work but poor output.

With workforce management software, you can significantly reduce the number of overtime your employees have to do. It helps you create viable schedules for your employees and delegate tasks to the more qualified individuals. In some cases, employees can look at the schedules and make swaps and changes to ensure that their tasks are done. This greatly increases the efficiency of your workers. As they become more productive, little time is wasted and more tasks are accomplished on or before their pre-set deadlines.

Empower Employees via Gamification

Gamification simplifies workforce management. It makes everything in the workplace fun and competitive, thus increasing employee engagement and empowerment. By leveraging gamification technology with workforce management methods and strategies, you accelerate learning and development and increase productivity.

Employees acquire skills at a faster rate when they are empowered and the content they need is readily accessible. The 3rd Annual Workplace Report by LinkedIn shows that 74% of employees utilize their spare time for learning. 

Oplift is loaded with a gamification app to motivate your employees, help them acquire new skills and quickly retain more knowledge so they grow and become valuable assets to your organisation. Healthy competition and incentives are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Applying gamification elements such as company-wide contests for the most number of closed sales by the end of the month or having the most tasks finished by the end of week instil a competitive drive among employees and their managers. Adding incentives and rewards makes contests at the workplace more interesting, which spurs employees to perform better at their tasks. In the end, they become better, more productive employees and that spells good for your business.

Achieve Absolute Compliance

Adhering to compliance standards and regulations in the workplace can be tough, especially if employees are not fully aware or employers fail to communicate these standards to their workers. Workforce management software helps address such issues and ensure employees remain compliant in their tasks as well as within their environment.

Most workforce management solutions come with self-service portals for employees where everything about the company can be found, including updates, communications, product knowledge base, internal policies, and compliance standards.

With Oplift, achieving and maintaining compliance is not complicated. From step-by-step instructions to employee classification to the prevailing occupational safety regulations and more, workers can easily access all this information in just a few clicks. 

Management can easily communicate and convey new instructions and procedures in seconds as well. Notifications are sent via SMS and email or through other channels that they deem appropriate and effective, ensuring everyone in the company is in the loop and remain in adherence to their standards.

Pick the Right Workforce Management Platform

A workforce management system does a lot of wonders for your business. That said, it is important to note that with so many options available in the market, picking the right one for your enterprise is critical.

The global workforce management market is growing. In a 2016 to 2022 market forecast done by Market Research Future, the value of the industry is expected to grow to nearly $7 billion at the end of the period. That’s more than twice the market’s 2016 value, which was pegged at $2.4 billion.

You don’t want to invest in a software that doesn’t address all your concerns or pay for something that is loaded with features you don’t need. Oplift tailors a solution specifically  to meet your needs and the size of your organisation. You can also book a demo to know the software better before making a commitment. 

Written by Hayley Lloyd

Published 22nd August 2019