Microlearning, designed so your staff can learn in short bursts quickly and easily. It is integrated flexibly into their normal working hours, every day.

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Learning takes up too much time?

Most learners won’t read or watch videos for longer than five minutes. Oplift Engage offers small 1-5 minute learning modules that staff can complete when they have time. This is the most effective learning method for employees and their work needs.

Virgin Media saw an increase of 7.4% in their knowledge rating from customers in just three months! Along with a 2.2% average increase in sales every single month!

An image of a graph with an arrow to demonstrate the increase in sales and customer satisfaction rates which Virgin Media had after they deployed Albert

Reuse articles from Oplift Engage

This means you don’t have to produce two separate pieces of material. These are kept short and used for employees to read and learn.

Managers can add multiple choice questions to a new article or an existing article meaning that content can be repurposed for learning.

Image of microlearning article with a reuse sign on it to demonstrate that all material on the knowledgeable can be repurposed for learning

Add questions to any article

This means learning isn’t limited to certain material. Lessons are articles with one or more questions at the end to test knowledge.

The microlearning design on Oplift Engage incorporates frequent testing and interactivity. The learner gets feedback as they go, this means they don’t forget knowledge by the time they get to the end.

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Set quick learning tasks 

Assignments are articles with one or more tasks to be completed. Staff are presented with a checklist of learning activities related to the article.

They can mark these tasks off as they complete them. Assignments mean employees don’t just regurgitate knowledge, they go and put their learning into action.

A microlearning task displayed on an iPad

Playlists are a collection of articles, lessons, and assignments.

Head office can create their own playlist of whichever topic they would like. You don’t have to worry about any area of learning not being covered! Group together useful learning material. Make a learning area out of anything and everything.

Add sections within a playlist so that you can structure your content. Banish confusion amongst staff, make them clear on what they are learning. Add or remove content whenever you want. Remove the hassle of staying up to date.

Staff can view their progress within a playlist, so they can see how they are doing. They can view a list of active playlists so they can easily jump back into them at any time. Staff won’t give up as they don’t have to complete everything at one time.

Easily see knowledge gaps

Head office can view reports which show common knowledge gaps amongst your staff. This means you can push articles, lessons, assignments and playlists accordingly to boost your staff’s knowledge in the areas they need it most. You don’t have to guess which areas you think are weaker.

A jigsaw with a missing puzzle piece demonstrating how we plug knowledge gaps

Staff aren’t retaining knowledge?

Questions which staff don’t get right are always repeated. Oplift Engage constantly reinforces and repeats to help the user continuously top up their knowledge. It is encouraging rather than testing.

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With Oplift Extend you can devise your own bespoke gaming app to fully educate and engage your staff. You can pick the characters and themes, and we can help build a world for them. Perfect for company training!

Albert is Virgin Media’s e-learning hero, his games include Whack-a-mole, Catapult Castle, Albert’s lab, and his very own Buzz Quiz Show.

Virgin Media saw an increase of 7.4% in knowledge ratings from customers, along with an increase of 13% in sales in just 6 months!

A screenshot of the Albert gamification app on a mobile device
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With Oplift you don’t have to worry about uploading to multiple different platforms

Content is always branded delivered and ready to go as soon as possible. Brighton and Sussex Medical School chose Oplift because they can write all of their content, questions and cases whilst keeping it relevant and up to date.

The editorial and clinical team can tweak and add new content, with it available instantly to students. Cases are unique in both scale and quality.

Images of capsule the training app designed for Brighton and Sussex Medical School on a mobile and ipad device.