A video icon with a triangle play button on the front


Integrations with Vimeo Pro, YouTube, or upload streaming-friendly secure-content, straight to Oplift.

A paper report to represent an article


Create rich media content using our WYSIWG editor. Preview content before publishing and add formatting, links, images and videos to the platform.

A human eye to represent a birds-eye view


Be confident before you publish, by previewing any of your content before you post it.

A magnifying glass


Full search across all of your content, meaning staff can find anything they are looking for instantly. It’s like Google for your business.

An instruction leaflet to represent how-to instructions


Create step-by-step guides for more complex articles. Staff can jump right to the step they always forget!

A a tick in a square box


Got a policy you need staff to review? Mark it as an acknowledgement and staff will have to mark it as read every week, month, quarter or year. See who has (or hasn’t!) read what.

Internal comms

Unread news

Users will see a count of how many unread items they have in the knowledgebase so your updates will never be missed again.

lots of different files to represent different categories


Categorise all of your company information with customisable tiles, so employees know exactly where to look. No more rooting through old paper folders.

Internal comms

Comments and likes

Employees can react to your comms with a love, like or unsure emoji. They can also add comments and discuss comments on any of your articles.

employee engagement stats

Stats dashboard

View knowledge, culture and compliance scores and compare them to the regional average with our stats dashboard.


An open book to represent microlearning


Lessons are your knowledgebase articles extended with questions to help embed knowledge.

A music note


Reuse the content of your knowledgebase and extend it to create learning playlists.

Playlists group these articles with questions and tasks for staff to work through.

A bar chart to demonstrate progress


View knowledge gaps and improve performance by pushing relevant learning material.

A bookmark to represent assignments


Assignments are your knowledgebase articles with one or more tasks to be completed. These are completed as part of a playlist.

Internal Comms

A target image


Only display content to the relevant people – target your articles and news by location type, or target specific locations with notifications.

A newspaper to represent a news feed

News feed

All of your latest news shows up in a live feed on the dash meaning staff are always kept up to date and in the know. Create rich media content using our WYSIWG editor.

A calendar


Do you have comms that need publishing out of hours? Simply schedule any notifications, news or articles and they’ll go live automatically.

A bell to represent an alarm


Create push notifications to cut through the inbox clutter, send them to everyone or target them to specific locations or regions. They can be actionable to direct your staff to a certain post, app, or external link. These are sent even when the app is closed, meaning your messages are brought to attention anytime and anywhere.

A loop to represent infinity

In The Loop

Keep staff up to date with our in the loop summaries. These capture all of your important news staff haven’t read into a quick to read issue. These are complete with an automatic notification nudging users to read them. Perfect for staff catching up after a day off.


A trophy for spot prizes


Trophies handed out by management for bigger milestones like continually hitting targets or for being employee of the month.

A circle sticker


Your staff can get 360° feedback from their colleagues by quickly sending stickers to recognise one another.

A stack of files to represent achievements

Achievement builder

Create a new achievement in 30 seconds with our achievement designer.

A hand to represent a handout

Bulk handout

It’s not just employee to employee; Achievements can be handed out to many people at once using integrations with performance management, learning and HR systems.

An open lock


Integrated with Oplift roles, simply say who can send/receive each achievement.

Workforce analytics

A piece of paper with a tick on

Who’s read what

With Oplift’s Acknowledgements you can get staff to acknowledge that they have read articles and prompt them to read if they haven’t already. Perfect for compliance documentation.

A smiley face


The engagement tracker allows you to view statistics for each news item that you post, with an engagement score to show your employee’s actual interest in your articles. See how many staff members your content has reached and the amount of views it has received.

A pair of glasses

What’s being searched for?

Data to show you what your employees are actually finding useful and searching for. Plus which of your content is not being found.

A love heart

Popular content

Get an overview of your most popular and trending content, and start tailoring your future communications in accordance to the data.

A stats circle

Learning performance

See what content staff are struggling with when completing questions in playlists, and track their progress. 


A location pin

Locations and teams

Group staff by locations and regions and their different location types. During import users can be auto-assigned a location base. Create manually, upload or sync your existing database.

A person in a circle


Create users through a CSV upload or manually in the admin. When someone leaves they will automatically be deactivated and access restricted.

A computer


Oplift integrates with all of your existing apps and software. The dock allows you to easily link to other apps used on your devices.

A diagram to represent different roles


Each of your users is assigned a role. Need more than the defaults? Use our permissions builder to create as many as you need! This can be automated when importing users.

An envelope to represent internal comms

Welcome emails

Customise welcome emails to on-board your staff when you add them to the system.

banners on the employee app


Place these on your home screen to grab the attention of all employees, ideal for work events or important updates. You can link them to content in Oplift or an external website.

Lots of icons to represent the dash board


Your collection of tiles are the launchpad to all of the content within Oplift and can integrate with your external systems.

An arrow clicking a button


Your Oplift login is for all Oplift apps, this means when you logon to one all others will be unlocked too. You can optionally sync with employee feeds or setup single sign on with your internal systems.