Capture your feelings, with a sliding coloured rating scale. Add optional notes or photos to explain your rating. Great way to quickly summarise open ended questions e.g. What is the overall mood of the staff in store today.

Yes/No Insights

Quickly capture your insight with a simple yes or no answer. This reduces any ambiguity. 

Optional N/As allow flexibility if some checks aren’t relevant. 



Set your target KPIs in the app so that you can collect actual KPIs in your report and compare the difference between the two. This allows you to easily assess performance.


Choose from a drop down menu of word or number options to collect your insight. Add optional notes or photos to explain your rating.


Clarify any insight in your report with a photo to explain the issue.


You can mark comments as mandatory on your reports so you receive more details and insights.


A calendar


After you have selected the employee and their specific action, enter a due date to assign a deadline for when the task needs to be completed by.

Actionable tasks

Create actionable tasks associated with the insight that needs to be completed, you can assign the tasks to other users in the system. Simply enter the employee’s name and their action.

Franchisees & Partners

Set actions on partners and franchisees by configuring your report to allow free text entry when assigning tasks.



You can share the report internally or externally, this is perfect for sharing with franchises.

Automatic reports

Everything reported is scored, allowing you to easily compare performance.

Report on people, places or things wherever and whenever you want!


Permissions allows you to take control over who can view the reports and who can do the reports.


Specific analytics

Drill down the detail with specific analytics. Look at specific people, stores, or locations to see their performance.


Overall analytics

Overall analytics looks at all reports in one compiled dash of stats so you can track trends and problems e.g. 30% of stores don’t have working light bulbs.


Okay, we said no more spreadsheets… but if you do need to cross reference with other data, like sales or performance, you can export your reports and summaries.