Controlled integrations

Smart Scan

Scan documents like proof of residence or ID. The app will auto detect and scan multi-page documents and signatures. 

Snapshot functionality

Users can go to an external website and take a screenshot of a bill which can seamlessly be uploaded to the system.


Scans are automatically deleted from the device as soon as you send them to the relevant place. This means they are never stored in the camera roll.


You decide where and how they are shared.

There is an optional cloud portal for head office where you can set data retention rules.


You can edit documents to ensure they are exactly the way you want them.


If you leave your device unattended the timeout function will delete all of the content which is on there. This function is only possible if the device has a passcode or biometrics.


Integrate with your order systems or staff database. 


Works with existing hardware which   already exists  in mobile devices.