Multiple solutions in one app

Oplift for Health and Safety

With Oplift you will have all your health and safety management and compliance completely under control. The employee app allows you to simply and easily manage risk in your workplace and ensure it’s always a safe place to work. 

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Oplift for Audits

Easily and quickly complete all kinds of audits from one simple audit app. Oplift allows you to simply capture insights and view overall data so you get a bird’s-eye view of your entire business.

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Oplift for Compliance

Get confident with compliance, Oplift allows you to easily create a fully compliant workplace every minute of every day. Keep control of your processes, stay on track, identify risks and take immediate action with the ultimate compliance management app.

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Oplift for Internal Comms

Take your communications to your employees wherever they are. Oplift keeps everyone connected, engaged and up to speed with your latest news and comms. You can see the engagement of your internal comms so you can tailor your material accordingly and boost readership. 

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Oplift for Learning

Onboard and train your staff easily with Oplift the employee learning app. It allows you to quickly and easily train your employees whenever and wherever you want. Boost productivity and operational performance, improve customer service and retain and develop your employees.

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Oplift for Onboarding

Create an exceptional onboarding experience for your new starters and reduce their time to competency. Quickly get employees up to speed and ready to start working right away by giving them the tools they need, where they need them.

Employee Onboarding →

Oplift for Operations

Use one employee app for all of your workplace operations. Oplift is a digital operations platform that improves efficiency, productivity and cuts costs. It helps you oversee and improve the performance of your business.

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Oplift for Risk Management

Manage risks and keep your people safe with Oplift. The app makes it simple to streamline your compliance efforts and easily monitor any potential risks. Oplift helps you to react quickly to any problems or hazards, make smarter decisions and gain control of your workplace safety.

Risk Management →

Oplift for Sales

Improve sales and motivate your people to give exceptional service. Help your staff gain the knowledge and confidence to support your customers. Oplift helps keep your staff on track and transforms employee performance to increase revenue and manage sales effectively.

Sales →

Oplift for Site Visits

Oplift makes it seamless and easy to schedule and carry out site visits. Reviews, inspections and assessments can now all be done from one simple app on your tablet or mobile device. Easily collect insights, add photos, comments, create tasks and reports.

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